Fifty Shades

Grey can get such a bad rep and can be used in a negative way, for example, nobody wants to hear ‘its a grey day.’ We at BrookeSmith & Co love grey it is such a multi functional neutral, it can be used to both brighten a space and also to add depth whilst making a statement. Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a trend and more and more of our customers are making grey they’re neutral of choice. It holds such a diverse spectrum from a deep charcoal to white with a hint of grey and it never has to look bland. Grey can also be paired with any colour to create an impressive effect.

Mixed neutrals are when you use different tones and textures to make an impact in your home or office space. By using different woods, from a warm oak to a rich mahogany and incorporating different metals such as gold, copper, and silver you can create a stunning and timeless space. Mixed neutrals are also a great idea if you are colour shy. Although a pop of colour through your home furnishings is equally as stunning.

If you have a look at the pictures you can see that this customer has used mixed neutrals and balanced using a light grey to brighten his home with the deeper shade to add a statement wall, the result is beautiful. The beauty of using paint as your statement wall saves the expense of quality wallpaper. It is worth noting wallpaper can become dated quickly whereas this look is classic.

I mixed the paint myself for the lighter wall and we at BrookeSmith & Co are always happy to accommodate this, however, I would highly recommend a Dulux Centre they can match the exact shade to meet your requirements. There are 3 Dulux Centres within Liverpool they are 1) Dulux Decorating Centre Aintree Industrial Estate, Brookfield Drive L9, 2) Unit 28, Sandon Industrial Estate, Sandon Way, L5 3) Unit 9 Huyton Trade Centre, Wilson Road, Huyton, L36.

We always recommend Dulux paint products because with 23 years experience in the painting industry we have used most painting products in the UK and Dulux products are by far superior in terms of quality and durability. At BrookeSmith & Co we are able to advise on colour combinations and layout whether that be paint brands and types of paint or complete colour schemes to suit your specification.