The Physical World Can Make Us Feel……..

The physical world can be a powerful resource to us in creating a happier and healthier life. In terms of the shapes and colours we experience in our day to day lives.

Many of us don’t consciously recognise this, but it is true all the same.

BrookeSmith & Co recently redecorated an entire house for someone who was very aware of how important colours are and how they can impact their mood. Our client wanted a different vibrant colour in each individual room. Now this might not be for everyone but that is the beauty of colour it is an individual choice where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For example, we painted the living room in a bright burnt orange and the hallway in a bright sunshine yellow again these colours might not be for everyone but our client stated that these colours made them feel more positive and upbeat.

When we look back at our love of colour we find a connection in our evolution, colour in a very primal way is a sign of life a sign of abundance. We evolved in a world where scarcity is dangerous and abundance meant survival, so colour connects with us in a very deep way consciously and subconsciously.

This is true of shapes there have been neuroscientists that have studied this. They put individuals into an MRI machine, they were then shown pictures of angular objects and round objects. They found that the part of the brain that deals with fear and anxiety lit up when they were shown angular objects whereas when they were shown circular objects their brain did not react because they felt at ease.

Some would say that this demonstrates the power that shapes and colour have on wellbeing.

When choosing the colours to paint your home/office this is an individual choice and many people find that they are naturally drawn to a particular colour spectrum.

At BrookeSmith & Co we are always happy to help advise of colours that compliment. If we are asked for our advice on a colour choice we will give an honest evaluation.

However that being said part of the joy of our work is seeing a space come together through the vision of both our clients and ourselves so our biggest piece of advice when choosing colour is go with your gut, don’t think too much about it as this can overcomplicate things. For a quote please do not hesitate to get in touch.