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This is a digital estimation tool to give you a rough idea of how much it will cost to paint any given area, item or object. This is not a final quotation after submitting the form a member of the team will contact you to discuss your measurements and quotation.

Estimation Form/Tool Usage

Measure any given area in meters and enter the measurements into the estimating tool by placing the cursor over the bar and scrolling to the right-hand side.

This is a labour only estimate tool and no materials are included in this price. This estimate is based on 2 coats of paint, light preparation, i.e a light rub down with sandpaper, a light fill with poly filler and decorators cork.

Estimation Form

Walls & Ceilings

[bt_cost_calculator time_start=”08:00″ time_end=”16:00″ m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” m_phone=”Mandatory” m_address=”Mandatory” m_message=”Mandatory” show_booking=”yes” admin_email=”” subject=”Estimate Brooksmith and co” currency=”£” show_contact=”yes” accent_color=”#52c8fc”][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Square Meters” value=”0;500;1;4.00;0″]

Skirting Boards

[bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Linear Meters” value=”0;200;1;2.00;0″]

How Many Doors Need Painting

[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Doors” value=”1 Side Of Door(s);15.0;
Both Side of Door(s);30.00;”][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number Of Doors” value=”0;20;1;1″][/bt_cc_multiply] [bt_cc_multiply]

How many architrave & frames Need Painting

[bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Frames” value=”1 Side;10.0;
Full Frame;20.00;”] [bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number Of Frames” value=”0;20;1;1″]
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